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Mar 21, 2023

I’ve always been fascinated with St. Patrick’s Day, and there is no question that my interest comes from the fascination others have for it. 

Being of Irish descent used to make me feel like the holiday belonged to me more than others. In Ireland, it has been a religious holiday for more than a thousand years. In America, it’s a party. Now, I may be Irish American, but I’m not religious. And if given the choice of Christianity or a party that features beer, whiskey, dressing funny and bag pipes, at this point in my life, I choose church.  

When reading the History Channel’s brief chronology of the March 17th holiday, it jumps out at you: Irish immigrants weren’t always who most Americans wanted to pretend to be on that day or any other. The group’s presence is so prominent in our culture now, every day could be St. Patrick’s Day, I mean, without the parades of course. 

Parades seem to be a vital part of moving groups of Americans into the mainstream. Indy Pride is the best parade of the year in Indianapolis. I imagine that is the case in many cities. It is the second Saturday in June each year. In 2023, that is June 10, so write it down. The following weekend is the city’s Juneteenth Festival. For anyone who doesn’t think these events are important, St. Patrick’s Day events are good examples of why they absolutely are. 

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