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Sep 8, 2022

Stephen King’s 1982 novella, “The Body,” was adapted into the award-winning, 1986 film, “Stand by Me.” There are significant differences between the two versions of the story, but both are primarily about friendship. It is a tale about Gordie LaChance, his friend, Chris Chambers, and two other 12-year-old friends, who go on a journey to find the dead body of a missing boy near Castle Rock, Oregon. It was Labor Day Weekend in 1959.

Think of the countless times in your life when a friend helped you choose to do the right thing when your instinct was to do something else. Those friends might have been a sibling, a coach, or a teacher, or maybe just another 12-year-old who was growing up with you. Maybe you’ve experienced them all. If you’re living well, there will be more.

Indiana’s Attorney General, Todd Rokita, could use a good friend these days. He seems to be on a streak of bad decisions that a trusted and caring adviser could have been able to prevent him from making. I have asked around a little, and I don’t know that he has such a person in his life right now. If he does, that person needs to step it up a little.

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