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Jul 6, 2022

Last Thursday, as reported by Casey Smith of the Indiana Capital Chronicle, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb said he’ll sign any abortion-restricting measures that make it to his desk during the upcoming special legislative session. “I don’t have any red lines right now,” the governor said. 

That is a remarkable place for him to be in this first post-Roe summer. It’s remarkable in that he has abdicated his leadership on the issue before the real part of the initial debate has even started. On the largest public policy decision during his two terms, he is actively taking a pass. 

A red line, as defined by Cambridge Dictionary is “a limit beyond which someone’s behavior is no longer acceptable.” It makes me wonder, for only unnecessary reasons apparently, what the governor’s red lines might be. I am even more curious about when he will reveal and fight for them. Especially if now is not the time. 

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