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May 16, 2023

“Where do I begin?” This is the quote of the week, an award I often dole out for a wide variety of reasons. Those reasons can be the source of great pride or shame. Profound meaning or comedic genius are both favorite categories of the esteemed accolade. 

It is rarely awarded to someone for achieving an “own” of someone on whatever social platform. This award rises above trash talk. There is no trophy, plaque or monetary value, at least not yet. Though it is being discussed. 

Todd Young, Indiana’s senior U.S. senator, gave this week’s quote in an answer to this question from CNN’s Manu Raju: “What’s the reason for you not supporting (Donald Trump’s campaign)?” Whitney Downard reported about the exchange on May 11 for the Indiana Capital Chronicle

After giving the quote of the week, Young did find his place to begin, primarily Trump’s lack of support for Ukraine’s defense against the unprovoked Russian invasion. But in general, Young pointed out Trump’s losing record and how it was time for Republicans to support winners.

OK, that last part felt a little like Young “owning” Trump. But the original quote is still this week’s winner. 

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