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Sep 28, 2022

When I first heard about Andy Borowitz’s new book, “Profiles in Ignorance,” I knew it was moving to the top of my must-read stack. Then I found out he was reading the Audible version himself, and so I am now that guy walking down the street who spontaneously bursts into laughter at seemingly nothing. 

As anyone who is a Borowitz fan, yes, the book is hilarious. Unless you consider yourself a “Reagan Republican,” or if you are merely willing to admit that you know Dan Quayle, that is.

The book is a discussion of the three stages of ignorance: ridicule, acceptance, and celebration. But more importantly, Borowitz appears to be attempting to answer the question of why so many ignorant people are attracted to elected office in America. I’m not quite halfway done with it, so I hope to report back if he actually finds an answer.

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