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Jun 10, 2022

Americans addicted to belief in “the big lie,” and the unconditional defense of those responsible for all of its components, are in a zombie fog.

The January 6 Committee began telling the story of its work Thursday night. By the time it took its first break, an hour into the opening hearing, I was nauseous. This was not a protest or a riot. There is no serious “counter-narrative” available for the offering. It is clear from the volume of new information presented in the first two hours of the committee hearings, a story in which Americans have already received mounds of data, that this is big enough to justify the all networks, prime-time display. It is now clear that it is far bigger.

It is irrefutable documentation of history.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN 3rd District) gave an utterly shameful and embarrassing interview to Kaitlin Lange of the Indianapolis Star that was published a couple of hours before the start of Thursday night’s hearing. “There’s never been a committee like this…completely partisan, one-sided without the voice of the minority to ask questions that reflect our point of view, our side of the aisle,” he said. That statement relies on his assumption that Americans, Hoosiers, won’t remember how the January 6 Committee, in its present form, came to exist.

He’s feeding brains to zombies.

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