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Nov 10, 2022

As I write, votes are still being counted in many places across America. That vital process, which has defined who we are since the dawn of the republic, had a big night Tuesday. So did voters. In most places, that is. Just not in Indiana.

It would be easy to interpret that opening as just the ranting of a left-of-center voter who wanted different partisan outcomes. Yes, there were plenty of candidates I was rooting for, and some I voted for, who lost on Tuesday. I’m used to that here, living in the deep-blue population center of the state in Indianapolis, while being surrounded by a sea of red counties. Nationally, things more often ebb and flow from cycle to cycle based on the circumstances at hand, including this year. 

What happened this week in Indiana is different though. It is also relatively unique. Diego Morales was elected as the Indiana Secretary of State.

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