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Dec 21, 2022

If I could go back a few decades and change what was a part of the public education offered to me, I exclusively regret what my schools did not teach me. I can’t recall a single thing they taught that I wish I hadn’t learned. Try it yourself. Really try to think about an actual lesson you learned that you wish had not been taught. 

Dodge ball? I can’t complain about that, I was a champ at it. Choir? Loved it. That second entire year of Physics? Admittedly, I wish I could trade that for a year of Spanish, but it does help me with “Jeopardy” from time to time. 

How fantastic it must be for a state legislature, in any state, to believe that one of its problems is that its schools are teaching too much. Delusions usually are fantastic, coming from the word’s root, “fantasy.” I learned things like that in school. 

So, when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed its “Don’t Say Gay” law earlier this year, I thought to myself, only the delusional can possibly believe that learning less will actually make us smarter. But that’s the ridiculous, fantastical premise of the new law. I’m sure the law has been a smashing success, right? After all, it is months old and there is data to show how much smarter Floridian children have become now that they can’t say “gay” in those schools, right?

Again, more fantasy. 

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