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Sep 19, 2023

Oh, to have the fantastical enthusiasm of a group of people in eastern Oregon!

Yes, I meant “fantastical,” not fantastic. A group of Oregonians have decided that the best remedy to solve their disagreements with their home state is to have their Oregon turf be ceded to Idaho. 

That’s right. Citizens for Greater Idaho is a group that is serious about this. They don’t identify with the coastal “libs” who control state government in Oregon, and they want to leave. But these folks want to take their land with them. 

I’d tell them that the grass isn’t always greener, but in this case, it’s the same grass. Besides, they don’t want it to be greener. They want it to be redder. The secessionists in the east are unimpressed with elitist Williamette Valley wine from the western part of the state. They identify with the Idaho potato to their east. They are salt of the Earth, you know, salt that goes better with baked, mashed and fries. 

This is no joke though. And learning about it this week got me thinking. I have complaints about my home state of Indiana too, as my regular readers are painfully aware. Maybe these folks from the northwest are onto something: If they can trade land, can we? And if so, what else can we trade with other states?

As one might imagine, I’ve got a list.


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